Simple, Small Batch DIY Lip Balm

This lip balm recipe is the perfect, standard recipe for anyone who spends a lot of money on lip balm.  I realize that there is an overwhelmingly amount of DIY recipes out there, but I like this recipe because DIY should be simple. Also, not everyone wants to make 30 – 40 lip balms all at once.  If you do plan on making lip balm in larger quantities, this is the perfect way to experiment before making a bigger batch. It’s affordable, it literally takes 20 minutes max to complete (assembling ingredients, measuring them, melting, pouring and cooling)

Lip balm is made from really basic stuff, wax and oil!  Wax seals and protects, it also provides that thick texture, so use less wax if you like more of a gloss and more wax for a solid lip balm.  Oil, as we all know, moisturizes and really, any type of oil we like, we should use.


It also depends on how big your container is, so if you have a bit less or a bit more, you will know too add or take away from ingredients for next time.  For me, I am not big on scents when it comes to lip balm – I like it simple.  I also like to use what I already have around the home.

Mix 2 tsp of Olive Oil, 1/2 tsp of each beeswax (grated), shea butter and honey –   Put them all in a glass measuring cup with a spout for pouring.  Melt the ingredients by double boiling – (I use oven mitts) – I do not suggest microwaving.  Once melted, let cool a bit, but still be in liquid form, then pour into your container you use for lip balm.  Once it has cooled completely, it will harden and you will have lip balm that will last a couple months.  Simple!


This time I added some vitamin E capsules and some essential oil of vanilla.  The honey and beeswax and vanilla together are really just heavenly.  I added honey because it is a humectant.  This means honey naturally absorbs moisture from the air, plus, honey adds a little sweetness to the lips.  A perfect addiction to lip balm!

If you want, you can experiment more with colour by adding a bit of your favourite lipstick.  Keep in mind, this is going on our lips, so I try to keep ingredients food grade.

Lips are happier when they are moisturized, enjoy!

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